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Taste of Liberation is a blog that offers bites of wisdom obtained from my personal road to recovery from disordered eating and alcohol addiction. It includes tips for working with intergenerational trauma and nourishing the body, mind, heart, and soul. It also explores how much more powerful we are when we heal as a collective. It’s time for all of us to wake up, learn how to love through self-compassion, and bring our old unhelpful coping mechanisms and habits out of the darkness and into the light.



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Are you ready to overcome self-sabotage? Do you want to live inside your body with grace and compassion? Is it time to kick your addictive tendencies, disordered relationship to food, chronic depression and anxiety, or compulsive coping strategies once and for all? Then apply to work with me! Your road to recovery begins here.

Latest Recipes

Rosemary Plum Spritz

This is probably one of the best mocktails I’ve ever created. Truly. I made it for a few friends to celebrate the end of finals and it was a HUGE hit.  The rosemary and plum are a wonderful combination, I felt like I was sipping on the essence of fall.  I was so excited about

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Salted Peanut Butter Air Fryer Breakfast Cookie

I’m a big fan of dessert for breakfast, especially when it’s made with nourishing ingredients that will satisfy my sweet tooth while satiating me for hours!  This salted peanut butter breakfast cookie is filled with protein and fiber, making it the perfect option to start your day. It comes together in just 6 minutes and

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Anti-Inflammatory Blackberry Mojito Mocktail

I have such fond memories of going blackberry picking as a little girl. My mom would have me and my siblings pick as many blackberries as we could and then she’d bake the most delicious blackberry crisp with them.  As an adult, I’m always looking for ways to honor my inner child, and although there

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