About Me

Hi, I’m Regan Claire, the founder of Taste of Liberation and co-founder of Liberating Generations Podcast!

I am an Integrative Medicine Health Coach and student of chiropractic medicine with an extensive background in hypnotherapy, nutrition, and using plant medicine as a modality of healing trauma and addiction. I am based in Seattle with my 3 amazing dogs- Gracie, Sam, and Freya.

I provide tools to people who have hit their lowest point mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically and are ready to give themselves over to their recovery. Every person’s recovery looks different, and I firmly believe in creating a personalized plan of action for each one of my clients.

When I was in the thick of my eating disorder and alcohol addiction, there were a plethora of other issues that also arose. I had chronic anxiety, I was depressed, stressed, fatigued, experienced joint pain, my face and hands were swollen, I had terrible acne, and my hair was falling out.

With a background in hypnotherapy and integrative medicine, externally I looked like someone who should have had all of the tools to be living a fulfilled, optimally healthy life- but I felt like a failure and a fraud. I’d tried time and time again to heal on my own, to stop using food and alcohol to numb without getting any external support. It wasn’t until I hit my rock bottom that I was finally able to ask for help.

It was a combination of nutrition, deep spiritual practice, consciously connecting with my body daily, and coaching from people who had been where I was that got me out of that state of turmoil.

My method doesn’t work overnight, it takes consistent, daily, rigorous work. Addiction thrives on a lazy mind and mastering the mind takes diligence, vigilance, humility, and being in integrity with oneself.


Have you hit your rock bottom?

If you are ready to re-commit to yourself and take action toward your healing, then apply to work with me! Your road to recovery begins here.