How I Work With You

It was a combination of nutrition, deep spiritual practice, consciously connecting with my body daily, healing my gut, and stabilizing my hormones that finally got me out of a state of suffering. In my experience, all of these things must be in alignment before healing can take place. 


We live in a society that prioritizes productivity over everything else, causing many of us to work to the point of burnout- which causes disease and mental deterioration. 

As an Integrative Medicine Health Coach, I work with you by investigating the root of what is happening internally. Lifestyle is the main component that effects gut and hormone health. Things like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stress, sleep, and thoughts all contribute to our gut and hormone function. Digestion in the gut is an essential step in forming happy hormones in the brain, so when the gut isn’t functioning properly, this negatively impacts dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This is why gut health is directly correlated with addictive behaviors, when dopamine and serotonin levels aren’t working, the desire is to reach for external substances that will trigger those receptors. 


The approach I take is healing the gut and balancing hormones through the use of diet, supplements, stress management, and lifestyle choices. 


My method doesn’t work overnight, it takes consistent, daily, rigorous work. Addiction thrives on a lazy mind and mastering the mind takes diligence, vigilance, humility, and being in integrity with oneself. 


Have you hit your rock bottom?

If you are ready to re-commit to yourself and take action toward your healing, then apply to work with me! Your road to recovery begins here.